Injection Molding

Many of our products will work well in injection molding applications. Calcium carbonate is a well know reinforcing agent and can help to strengthen the final part, but cost saving typically have to be carefully evaluated as the added density of the mineral can increase part weight. For customers currently working with compound, converting to a masterbatch can offer dramatic savings. We can help you understand and evaluate all of these considerations to ensure your success.



80% of a 1 micron CaCO3 in LLDPE

Largest selling product for improving performance in polyolefins. Versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of applications.



80% of a 3 micron CaCO3 in LLDPE

Cost effective solution for general purpose applications.


HiCal™ LC

80% of a 1 micron CaCO3 in a polypropylene copolymer

For polypropylene applications.


HiCal™ UV

CaCO3 / UV Concentrate with 80% calcium in polypropylene copolymer

For weathering, a blend of 80% calcium with UV light stabilizer can be used at 25% to ensure up performance over time.

We also offer our newest product CF8000E – it offers a way for injection molders to use our calcium carbonate concentrate without increasing part weights. It is formulated with a chemical foaming agent using a LLDPE carrier and 76% calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate was specifically selected to optimize the distribution of cell growth within the part while the enhanced cooling keeps the surface free of defects. It is designed to be let down into a wide range of polyolefin resins, using 10-20% for optimum performance. Performance that includes improved part strengths, faster productivity, energy savings and lower raw material costs.



CaCO3 with chemical foaming agent, a concentrate in LLDPE

Offers a way for injection molders to use calcium carbonate in parts without increasing weights.

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